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Posting Ads On This Site

1. The purpose of this site is to try and get more people into venues to listen to live music instead of vegetating in other pubs listening to random recorded music, or crap someone else put on a juke box.


2. This site is free to use, and free to advertise on. We might introduce a small charge for premium positioning at some point in the future, but standard ads will always be free. The site hosting costs will be covered by donations or by myself. Nobody will be forced to pay.


3. Only registered members can post ads or use the contact form to contact advertisers.


4. Adult content is not permitted anywhere on this site. Post any, and we will pass your details on to the police, including your verified email address, a screenshot of the material, and your IP address.


5. We reserve the right to bin any listing we feel are not suitable for the site, without warning.


6. All listingss should be posted in the correct category and posted once only, although bands and venues can post ads for the same event, but only one each.


7. You can upload up to 5 images with each listing. The maximum size is 2mb. Ads with images are read much more than those without. Keep them clean.


8. Headline of your ad: We'd suggest something simple like [Band] at [Venue]. This will help with search results.


9. In your short description, also mention your venue name and the act/band you have playing. Again, it will return better search results. Include the syle of music, influences, etc.


10. Web addresses, email addresses, or other contact info is not permitted in listings unless there's a specific entry for them (shops, studios, etc). There's a contact form on each page that people can use to contact you.


11. Your listing is only for use for your event, not for advertising food, other events, promotions, sport, etc.


12. Its one listing for one event. Do NOT list multiple gigs on the same ad. If you do, it gets binned. However, you can list multiple acts/bands if they are playing in the same venue on the same date as part of one gig.


13. If there is a charge for entry, please make this clear in your listing, along with where to buy advance tickets if you sell them, or if its pay at the door.


14. Any deals done for equipment sold or any Merch are solely between the buyer and seller. The owners of this site accept no reponsibility for any sales done via the site. By advertising or buying equipment or merchandise advertised here, you accept this.


15. Once you listing is live, use the Social Media share buttons on your ad to push your ad to friends and followers.


16. If you're a site visitor, and you see something that tickles your fancy, hit the share button, and get a few mates along with you.


17. When contacting an advertiser using the contact form on their pages, be patient, and wait for them to reply. Dont keep sending the same message, or get stroppy about reply times. The same applies when mailing us via the contact page.


18. We do not accept listings from nightclubs, raves, or any kind of "club" nights. 

19. We do not accept any events that are in any way politically related, no matter what the party, or what the motive.


20. We do not allow links to Facebook Events anywhere on this site. The whole idea is to create a listing here then share it to Facebook, Google, etc. We've provided 200+ methods of sharing. No other music site can offer that.


21. Other than in "Open Mic/Jam Sessions" we do not accept generic "live music every weekend" or "live music 7 days" type of listings. If you cant make the effort to publish the details, and give the artists and/or venue some publicity, we wont take the listing.