Agent Of Change

At the moment, we are seeing venues across Scotland having to close down because of noise complaints. The vast majority of these complaints are coming from people who move into nearby properties, then complain about noise from the venue.

Councils then investigate, and set limitations on the sound levels. They demand soundproofing, and go as far as fitting fixed noise limiters that shut bands off if they go over a certain level. They do this through Noise Abatement Orders.

In Aberdeen, a few places have had this happen, and one venue, the Malt Mill has closed because of it. Not only did we lose a superb venue, but the staff lost their jobs, and the owners lost their livelihood.

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As does this article from the Music Venues Trust: Music Venues Trust

What we need from music fans in Scotland, is pressure put on our MSPs to adopt the “Agent of Change” principle into Scottish law to protect live music, protect jobs, and protect businesses.

The Agent of Change principle means it’s the person moving in who is responsible for sound proofing their property, not the venue that was there before them.

Please take the time to email your Constituency MSP and demand that they stop passing the buck down to councils, and implement new legislation before we lose more music from our pubs.

You can find your MSP here: They Work For You

It will take no more than a few minutes of your time.

(While you’re there, find out who your Westminster MP is, and demand the same from them to support music UK wide).

Signing petitions is one thing, but direct pressure is far better.


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